Design, production and installation of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)

Australian red claw crayfish farming



  • Species – Australian red claw crayfish (Cherax quadricarinatus)
  • Crayfish is characterized by low cost of farming and high market price
  • Crayfish is well-known
  • The technology of commercial Australian red claw crayfish farming is well developed and easily mastered by beginners
Fish fry available for sale

Fish fry available for sale

  • Prawn larvae

Product Types for sale

  • Live crayfish (50-200 grams)
    Duration of farming from fry is 7-12 months, the traditional market is restaurants and shops.

Features of Farming

  • Year-round farming in the tanks (RAS)
  • Regular fish sales throughout the year (daily/weekly).
  • Optimum water temperature 26-28оС
  • Crayfish stocking density in the recirculating aquaculture systems up to 4 kg/m2 (in some cases up to 8 kg/m2)
  • Fish stocking material – larvae.
  • Feed are granulated