Design, production and installation of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)
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Planning of fish-farming business, pre-feasibility, business plan

The business owners implementing the project of the RAS fish farm often face various issues.

Choice of fish

  • How to choose the species of fish?
  • Should we choose one species of fish, or farm several species together?
  • Where to get the fish stocking material and feed, how to choose them, how much does it cost?
  • How to organize and best customize the sale of fish?
  • Is it worth to sell the processed or live fish?


  • How to choose the capacity of the farm?
  • What would be the total cost of the project, taking into account the construction, engineering systems, primary and supplementary equipment, installation and commissioning, etc.?
  • What is required area of the site and the building for the fish farm of chosen capacity?
  • How to choose the site? What site is needed?
  • What are the requirements for the building? How to build a building as cheaply and efficiently as possible (or to adapt an existing building)?
  • What permits will be required for the construction and operation of the recirculating aquaculture systems?


  • What it the minimum farm capacity to reach profitability and income?
  • What is the payback period of the farm?
  • What kind of staff will be required on the farm?
  • Where to hire the ichtyologist and other specialists?
  • How much to pay employees?

Utility systems

  • Where to get water for fish farm?
  • What are the requirements for this water?
  • How much water will be needed and what should be the performance of the water source?
  • How to heat a building and how to maintain the required temperature?
  • Where to dispose the sewage and what will be its chemical composition?
  • Should the sewage be treated? Is it possible to reuse treated sewage?


  • What equipment (foreign or domestic) is better to choose?
  • How much does the equipment cost? How can I buy equipment for the minimum price and to get the most?
  • Tanks made of plastic or concrete, dimensions and shape (square, circle, rectangle, etc.)?
  • How will be located the equipment and facilities on the RAS-farm?
  • Do I need ozone?
  • Automatic feeding?
  • Computerized management?

Financing of project and attracting of investments

  • How to organize the financing of the project?
  • How can I present the project in order to receive debt financing?
  • How to increase the investment attractiveness of the project?

In order to get professional solutions to these issues and to avoid the problems

We offer

  • To start correctly
  • To exclude errors and "pitfalls"
  • To reduce investments
  • To get a financing
  • To speed up the project

Within the pre-feasibility you will get

  • The concept of farming and sale
  • Selection and description of technology
  • The farm layout on the site, equipment and utilities area layout
  • Fish-farming process design
  • Calculation of consumed resources (feed, fish stocking material, electricity, water, heating, sewage, staff)
  • Specification of the primary and supplementary equipment
  • Calculation of capital costs
  • Calculation of operational costs
  • Farm staff
  • Economic calculation (costs - profit - payback) with detailed elaboration
  • List of suppliers of fish stocking material and feed
  • Interaction scheme and project development schedule
  • Brief technical assignment on the general construction part and engineering systems of the farm (building, water treatment, sewage treatment, heating and ventilation, electrical engineering)

The list of works necessary for you can be specified individually.

What you win in by ordering of pre-feasibility

  • Proper start of the project
  • Reducing probability of errors
  • Decrease in investments by 15 to 40% due to technology adaptation for your tasks and exception of start errors
  • Acceleration of the project up to 2 times
  • Increased probability of debt financing receiving

Why it is worth working with us

  • Own production of equipment
  • German technology – Russian price
  • Own engineering team
  • Full project support

How to choose the best moment for starting a project

We recommend to take care of the project preparation in advance - according to the statistics, the normal implementation of the project of fish recirculating aquaculture farm “from handshake to first fish in the tanks” takes from 4 months (for small farms) to 18 months (for large farms).

We recommend to determine the time at which the tanks should be stocked ...

Scope of pre-feasibility*

  1. Project summary
  2. Summary characteristics of the farm (general table of parameters)
  3. Technical assignment on the technological part of the feasibility study
  4. Description of tfish, conditions of farming in the recirculating aquaculture system
  5. Description of the main technology process (stocking, keeping, feeding, pre-sale preparation)
  6. Description and technical characteristics of the processing line modules
    • Incubation unit
    • Live feed unit
    • Fingerlings growing unit
    • Growout unit
    • Holding tanks
    • Oxygen generator
  7. Production plan
    • General
    • Table of fish-farming cycles (calculation of the cycles movement in the system, growth, feeding, calculation of occupied tanks, feed loads, sales, etc.)
    • Movement of fish in the tanks
  8. Raw materials
    • Fish stocking material
    • Feed
    • Other consumables
  9. Basic routine processes
    • Fish management
    • Fish feeding
    • Fish sorting
    • Control and maintenance of equipment
  10. Farm staff
  11. Specification of the primary technological equipment
  12. Specification of supplementary technological equipment
  13. Specification of technological and engineering equipment, fish-farming inventory
  14. Description of the farm compartments
  15. Economic calculation of process design part
    • List of capital costs
    • List of operational costs
    • Cash flow, project payback
  16. Project schedule
  17. Aggregated technical assignment for designers
    • Farming building
    • HVAC
    • Water supply and sanitation
    • Energy supply
    • Lighting
    • Air supply
    • Oxygen supply
  18. Appendices
    • Flow chart
    • Workflow of the processing line
    • Planning of the farm, equipment and compartments
    • Commercial offer for the project design part – terms, cost, timing plan, financing schedule
    • Commercial proposaloffers of project suppliers
  19. Footnotes

* The scope of work is preliminary and will be adapted to the specific needs and tasks of clients. Contact us to specify an individual scope of works for you.

** The cost of pre-feasibility preparation depends on a number of factors (species of fish, annual capacity, set of works, type of fish stocking material, type of finished product, number of technological modules, etc. Contact us to clarify all the details.

How to order the pre-feasibility

Option 1

Call us by phone

+7 (495) 984-46-17
Option 2

Write to our official mail

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

with mark “pre-feasibility”

We will estimate the scope and cost of work and send you an individual commercial offer.

Additional works

If you need a business plan for obtaining loans on the required standards and assistance in obtaining subsidies. For more detailed information, please contact us.

Questions & answers

How to order the pre-feasibility if i do not have any site?

No problem – we will use the “from reverse” method – first we will work on the recirculating aquaculture farm without site specificity, then we will give you the requirements for which you will need to find and select it (and help you with this issue).

What if i don’t determine what the fish should be bred and in what quantities?

As part of pre-feasibility preparation we study the market and help to choose the ideal species of fish for farming in your area.

What information should i provide for performing works?

You should provide a topographical plan of the site (if any), a plan of the building (if existing), water analysis according to specified parameters, a completed questionnaire.

What is necessary to begin?

To start the process, you can contact our office, sign an agreement and make an advance payment for work.
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