Design, production and installation of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)

    Aquaculture System from The Manufacturer

    Turn-Key Solutions (Modular RAS)

    Design and Construction of Fish Farms


    Sturgeon Farming

    Trout Farming

    African Catfish Farming

    Prawn Farming

    Crayfish Farming

Aquafarmer Engineering

Currently is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of equipment for fish farming in the recirculating aquaculture systems.

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10 years
experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying of RAS-equipment
farms per year are designed, built and modernized
farmers and companies have become our customers

Structure of the Company

Engineering Department

Engineering Department

Feasibility studies, project design, development of new equipment components and parts.
Suport Department

Suport Department

Project management, as well as after-sales service and warranty repairs.
Sales Department

Sales Department

Customer relations, selection of technical solutions and equipment, contracting.
Production Department

Production Department

Manufacture of components and equipment.
Assembly Crew

Assembly Crew

Installation of RAS-equipment, startup and commissioning of the project.
Ichthyologists (Consultants)

Ichthyologists (Consultants)

Professionals with whom we maintain close relationships for many years. They include experts in farming of sturgeon, trout, African catfish, whitefish and other fish species in RAS.
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